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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The blog will be back in action this month because we have a new Whole 30 challenge ramping up and now have two gyms cleaning up their diets.  For those of you looking for the information to get started here is a summary of the plan.  Email me at stephanie@barxcrossfit.com if you want to jump in the challenge.

Spring Paleo Challenge

In January we had over 20 members at CFVP dive into a Whole 30 contest and had some amazing results.  These people made the commitment to eat clean for 30 days and while we ended up picking one champion, everyone was a winner. Everyone lost inches, pounds, gained energy, and showed measurable improvement in athletic performance.

Several of you have asked for another challenge, so here it is, our Spring Whole 30 Challenge.  We are putting this out there for CFVP and BARx members – a great chance to share recipes, struggles, helpful tips and support.

The Whole 30 Challenge - Step by Step:
1. Research the plan to decide if you are two feet in ready to commit.  For the Whole 30 to be effective there is no dabbling, you need to be prepared to follow the program to the letter for 30 days, no cheating!
Go to The Whole 30 January Challenge
for all the specifics on the Whole 30 plan and the fantastic resources that are available to us including :
  • The Whole 30 Program Rules
  • Free PDF guide with meal planning, shopping lists, etc
  • Free Whole 30 Forum - Connect with others doing the program, get support and advice, ask all the questions you want, and allow our awesome members and moderators to give you some much-needed accountability.
  • The Whole 30 Daily Newsletter - Receive an email for every day of your program, packed with helpful information, motivation, and fun little “rewards” for making it through another day.
2.      Contact me to get  weighed in and get body measurements, before pictures, and performance numbers.  This time around we will be measuring a couple of movements of your choice – examples - one minute AMRAP: Row for meters, strict pullups, pushups, ring dips, hspu, back squats @ 50-60% , etc.  You choose what you want to see improvement in. Start talking this up with the other members and lets get a big group on board.  The more people we have going through this journey together, the more support we will have to keep us all in check, share tips, help each other in moments of weakness, and create a positive vibe. 
3.      Pick a start date -  You can start any day between April 1st and April 15th. 

4.      We will plan a dinner at Hot Pot Smoothie on Manchester for all participants and guests - stay tuned for dates.

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