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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 22nd

I kind of fell off the blogging, eating, and exercising wagon for the last week of vacation, but back in St Louis now and ready to regroup. Vacation was awesome! Jumped right back into the Paleo diet on Sunday and have been doing well so far. Browned some ground beef on Sunday and mixed with mango salsa from Sams - has been a tasty protein the last couple of days that I either eat solo or scrambled up in my vegi scramble. Started back at bootcamp yesterday and added a class - 5:30 and 6:30 on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Have some new ladies and some returning people, looking forward to a great summer session. Back to work too yesterday - BUSY day! After work I did the 5pm crossfit class - front squats (103#) 5x5 and killer wod - must have sweated off 5 lbs. 3 rounds of 20 pushups, 20 leapfrogs, 20 dumbell thrusters2-15#), 20 sdlhp(53#) 12:29. Sore today!

This morning crossfit 5:30 - one arm ohpress and romanian deadlifts. max 25# and 85#. Wod was 20min of 3 pullups, 6 box jumps, 9 situps and rest until the start of the next minute. Ran 2 miles after class to measure out mile loop. Hoping we can get the Ultimate Helen 5K going - July 10th - start talking it up and sign up!!!
Headache and really sore right now. Got uverse installed today - all good but our phone doesnt work. No worries, only people that call are sales calls anyway!
Good to see my crossfit buddies back in class - Dawn is a tan goddess and Mike B looks more ripped every time I see him! Looks like all the crossfit men got a group discount on haircuts too.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday - No crossfit today so I ran for about 55 minutes - need to run more, feel like I am losing some of the running conditioning. After our run we headed to the green owl for breakfast - diet has officially gone by the wayside and I thoroughly enjoyed the french toast, eggs and sausage. After breakfast we shopped around town then headed back for an afternoon at the pool and beach. Dinner was at the Office on the strip - a themed restaurant that was ok, but way overpriced! After dinner we headed across the street, led by a faint rumbling of reggae music. Stumbled upon a huge open air stage/bar area inside a courtyard of an italian restaurant. Band was great and unfortunately we only caught the last 15 minutes of their set.

Monday - back to Crossfit in the morning - 5 rounds of 3 minutes of cindy with 2 minute rests in between (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats) - ripped my hand open again - this sucks! Good workout though, headed home (drove Jeff and mark to golf today so in my car) and becky and I headed into west palm to meet the family at the marriott. The new timeshare is really nice and we had a very expensive lunch poolside - shrimp avacado wrap - yummm. Great to be back with the kids, had a low key afternoon and then headed into city place to see the karate kid and eat at cheesecake factory.

Tuesday - last day in Delray - last crossfit at CFDRB - 10 rounds of 3 powersnatches, 4 oh squats, 100m run, 100m walk - 19:19 (53#) In warm up - 5 rds of 20 sec double unders, 20 sec alt lunges, 10 sec rest
Sarah is the owner, Cheryl, Hugh was in the dreds, Rob was the other teacher.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday -

Rode to Crossfit and found out class doesnt start until 9 today! Rode around for an hour killing time and then headed back for a monster team WOD - some kind of battle or war name, can't remember. Fun set up though - here's how it went: team of 4(me, scott, john, and suzette) each row 500m (or run 400m) then off to "battle station" where we each had to do 15 burpees hopping over ab mat, 15 box jumps, 15 barbell thrusters(33#) and 15 kbswings(35#) then we went to first at war station had to choose between 50 toe to bar or 50 chest to bar pullups between the 4 of us (only 2 could go at a time). Then back to battle station (15 burpees, bj, kbswings, thrusters) then second war station - 50 cleans or 50 push press (we did push press 85#). then battle station 15 of each, then war station three (8 rope climbs or 12 muscleups - we did muscleups and we could sub three pullups and three ring dips for one muscle up) then back to final round of 15's. 33:33 was our time - whew!

That out of the way I rode back and had vegi omelet with becky and hung out at the pool the rest of the morning. The guys played golf and met us back about 12:45. At 2 we rode our weekly bike rentals back to the bike shop and headed to Johnny's on Atlantic to watch the usa/england soccer game and have some lunch. Tie game lucky goal for us, pulled pork and sweet potato fries and LOTS of iced tea - i think i might float away. Now everyone else is napping and I am totally hyped up on caffiene typing my trip highlights so I can recall this week some day since my memory is totally shot. Wish I had a video blog of my whole life, I can't remember anything!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Mark and Becky come today! Will be great having our friends visit for the weekend and take the kids over to my parents in West Palm so we can have some adult time. It has been a great week. Off to Crossfit again this morning, bench press (5X5 - 75#) and then "Grace" 30 clean and jerks 4:26. Took a long bike ride home afterwards and came back and ate my mango chicken slaw. Time to get everyone up and start the day.

Great Day! Picked up mark and becky at the airport and stopped off on Atlantic to have some awesome fish tacos at the Oyster Club. then took the kids to West Palm. New Marriott looks nice, should be a good week over there. Back to Delray to hang out by the pool and then off to dinner at DaDa - really cute house type restaurant off of swinton with outside lanterns and seating and awesome mojitos. Had Salmon, fennel and green beans - all great. Showing our age- opted against the club scene and headed back to the house to hit the sack.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday -

Last night long bike ride with girls and pizza at the mellow mushroom. Great ride with my ladies, they actually didnt complain. Ended the evening with So you think you can dance - LOVE that show!!

Thursday morning - off to crossfit - Wod today was 5 rounds of unbroken deadlifts, pushups, kte, and double unders. You have to get atleast 10 to count your numbers so I got zeros on all my doubleunders since I couldnt do them unbroken! 176 I think - deadlift was 125#.
Biked to the Green Owl to meet my family for breakfast - resisted the pancakes and got a vegi omelet and fruit. LOVE Delray! Pool and lunch then a long afternoon ride with Jeff. Took him around lake Ida. We stopped at Johnny's for an iced tea and then swung by the beach shop to buy the dress I wanted yesterday -what the heck, I can wear it down here right! We showered and changed (yes into the dress) and went to the Gulf Stream B&T for dinner. Beautiful view, but food was just ok. We then headed into town for some ice cream at Kilwins and then sat outside at Johnny's to hear a band called the Feeders. They were good and played great 70's that Jeff and I loved and totally bored the kids! Back to the house to watch so you think you can dance and then off to bed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday, June 9th

I believe I left off yesterday afternoon on our way to a movie. Saw Date Night - pretty funny, and totally unbelievable. We headed to Atlantic to shop the beach shops and everyone managed to find something but me. Might have to go back and get the cute sundress, but really - where will I ever wear it! Dinner was rotisserie chicken and vegis and a large glass of wine - watching the ocean with a glass of wine and my hubby - not too shabby.

Wednesday morning - off to crossfit on the bike for my new daily routine. Today was front squats 5X5 - max 95lbs. Worked on deeper squats - something I am not good at. WOD was 15 min amrap of 10 one handed russian kbswings, 50 meter farmers walk with bell in same hand, 10 swings other hand and walk back other hand. completed 7.1 - and yes florida is still stinking hot!! Headed back home but took my time and rode around the streets of downtown delray to scope out the dinner options for tonight. Leftover chicken salad for breakfast, pooltime, salmon, capers, tomato, cream cheese begal thin for lunch, and apple for a snack. Long afternoon walk on the beach and way too much sun today. Played cards in the pool with the girls and Sheila - we have waterproof plastic playing cards - how cool is that:) I think we are opting for pizza tonight, not sure if I will be good with a salad or splurge on pizza -

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 8th

Last night we went out for dinner on Atlantic and found that our old Elvis joint had been spiffed up a little with an expanded menu. Great casual menu with open air seating and the band was setting up for neil diamond and johnny cash covers -didnt stay quite long enough for that! Pulled pork and sweet potato fries - a worthy splurge - skipped the bun, does that make it ok?? Back to the house and chilled for the rest of the night.

This morning did the new routine - up at 7, banana and sunflower butter, and on my bike to crossfit delray beach. today was Kelly - 5 rounds of 400m run, 30 box jumps (24#), 30 wall balls(14#) - they have a lower line for girls, but in true VP fashion I threw to the guys line since I knew I could. 32:01 - Hot Hot Hot! Must have lost 5 lbs of sweat, but got it done. Rode my bike back and made a vegi omelet and strawberries and blueberries. Slipped on the new bikini and headed to the pool where my hubby was lifting weights and getting ready for a beach run. Tagged along and we ran barefoot along the beach for 45 minutes - I am definitely now jelly and done with exercise for the day. We are headed off to see Date Night and Letters to Juliet at the matinee, looks like the storms are rolling in.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, June 7th

7:15 banana and sunflower butter and off to CFDRB for my workout. Different instructor today, great guy - looked like lead singer of a reggae band. We did clean and jerk warm ups and 5X5 of clean and jerk with push press last set 85#. WOD was 1,2,3..10 sdlhp, push press (55#) then immediately to 10,9,8...1 ring dips and pullups. Already forgot my time, but good workout! Class not as big today, instructor nice, but people not as welcoming as we would be! Bike back home, eggwhite vegi omelette and strawberries, bikini, book, and beach!
Sunday, June 6th

8:00am - Crossfit is closed today so I woke up to my typical banana and sunflower butter and then did my own workout by the pool. alternated between bentover rows and romanian deadlifts - 3 sets of ten close elbow rows, reg rdl, 3X10 wide elbow, staggered leg, 3X10 one arm lawnmower rows, one leg touch downs. Then WOD - 3rounds of 10 shuttle runs (about 50m), 100m lunges, 25 situps.

Time to relax! - took easy ride with sheila, finished my book, made rotisserie chicken mango slaw for lunch, kayaked in the afternoon with the girls, and picked Jeff up from the airport at 5:30. Randy bbqd porkchops, corn on the cob and squash/carrots. Off to ben and jerry's for a little ice cream dessert - it is vacation, right?!
Saturday, June 5th

Woke up this morning and decided to ride my bike over and check out crossfit delray beach. 4 miles from our place, perfect warm up ride. Sarah is the owner of CFDRB and the place was packed! Gym was smaller than ours and there were probably about 16 people in the class. We did a 800m warm up run and then went straight into instruction for the wod. Turkish getups - never have done them before - but an interesting move. Basically holding a kb with one arm straight up overhead as you are lying down. Then you methodically get to a standing position while keeping the weight straight up and looking at it the whole time. WOD was 21 right hand turkish getups(15#), 50kbswings (35#), 21 LH KB OH Squat(15#), 50 KBSWINGS, 21RH KB OH squats, 50 KB swings, 21 LH Turkish getups. Time was somewhere around 21 minutes. No log book so I am going to blog my workouts this week!

Really liked the place so she is going to let me workout for the week. Also got a tshirt, may have to buy another one, they have some good shirts. Rode back to the house and hit the pool with my girls. Should be a good eating week, I love love love this kind of vacation - lots of fish, fresh fruit and vegis, reading, walking the beach, bike rides, and games. Wish we could stay all summer!

We went to the bike shop this afternoon and rented three more bikes for the rest of the week. Took a bike ride around Lake Ida and rode the bikes back to the house while my mother-in-law drove the car back. For dinner we went to Two Georges Restaurant on the marina side - great restaurant - reggae band playing in the bar and swing seating for us (two swing benches with a picnic style table in between) - girls got a kick out of it. Had the blackened dolphin and mixed vegis and wayyyy too much tea - couldnt get to sleep. Off to the grocery store after dinner to stock up for the week and then off to bed with a good book.


Thursday, June 3rd

Left at 6:30 for Florida with the girls and a full car and my bike tied on back. First stop was Murray State University in Kentucky. Got there right in time for our 11am appointment and we were given a walking tour of the campus which was nice, but dead since school is not in session. We really liked the dorm setup (residential colleges - each dorm kind of like their own fraternity with separate intramural teams, govt, etc). The head of the nursing school though was not our favorite and I think made Jamie's decision not to attend Murray. Abby really liked it however, so maybe in a couple of years we will go back.

After that we got back in the car, and drove 7 more hours to Macon GA where we stayed the night. Woke up and did my own little crossfit wod - 4X 800m run, 20 pushups, 50 flutter kicks, 30 dips. My calf muscle is REALLY tender!

Eight more hours to Delray Beach and arrived just in time for dinner. Jeff's parents are joining us for the week and had rotisserie chicken, rice, and vegis all ready. Good to be here!