If you have stumbled across this page, welcome to my Paleo Journey Blog . I am a health and fitness enthusiast who in NO way is an expert in nutrition or health science. I do, however, LOVE to eat and am happy to share the good, bad, and ugly of my expirimenting through the jungle of Paleo cooking. Please let me know what you think of the recipes posted by adding a rating in the comments section and feel free to send in new recipes through email.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 28 - Sunday

7:00 Breakfast - tilapia, eggwhite vegi scramble, kiwi

9:30 - run/row challenge - Partnered up with Dan Furnas for a heart pumping 2mile run and 5000m row. 33:05 I think. Dan did not slack off on the running at all and helped us get a good lead which we were able to maintain on the row even though Alex and Lynn were breathing down our necks! Great job to everyone - it was a close race for all 5 teams and a great workout.

10:30 - protein shake with banana, coconut, 1 tsp sunflower butter, flaxseed

12:30 - lunch - 2 kfc grilled chicken breasts, carrot sticks 2 clementine cuties

3:30pm - blueberries and walnuts

6:00pm - dinner - 3 guac hard boiled egg halves (no meat on top - didnt have any - recipe to the side), leftover paleo chili, leftover butternut squash. Leftover night! Ok, going to try not to eat after dinner this week - wish me luck!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 27- saturday
7:30- bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts - tasted like heaven. I have a 15ktrail race at 10 - hoping the extra carbs fill the tank.

10:00am - 15k trail race - Castlwood Cup at Castlewood. 1:26:11. Really good run. Felt great and had plenty of energy. My inexperience was what held me back, combined with the mud, the creek, and the bike ruts in the trail. Would definitely do this one again!

11:45 - banana and slice of turkey

1:15 - Lunch at Chevy's - chicken fajita salad no cheese - apple salsa vinaigrette

4:45 - apple and almond butter

6:30 - dinner - rotisserie chicken breast and butternut squash.

Blisters on my feet from new trail shoes hurt soooo bad! Went to Chevy's for post race lunch, NO chips or marguaritas, Martini party tonight - paleo sucks sometimes! Oh well, it will be worth it - right??

1 glass white wine - not a morsel of food. Exhausting day!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 26 - Friday

7:00am - breakfast - baked tilapia and eggwhite vegi scramble(tomato,yellow pepper, mushrooms, spinach, avacado). 1 Clementine cutie

8:00am - worked on kipping pullups - some progress - hands hurt!

10:00am - banana and sunflower butter

12:15 - lunch - salad with shrimp, dried cranberries, pineapple at Chilis - ok salad probably too much sugar in the dressing, would have rather had my paleo chili sitting in the fridge at home! Cooking carribean chicken with mango coconut sauce in the crockpot for dinner - can't wait.

3:45 - 2 mini chicken burgers and paleo chili - starving!

6:00 - carribean mango chicken (not that great - has chicken, diced tomatoes, mango chunks, coconut milk, curry, raisins) and quinoa and vegis (my pre-race carbs)

8:30 - banana and 1 tsp sunflower butter(I know, fruit at night, I need help!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 25 - Thursday

5:00am - banana and 1 tsp sunflower butter

5:30 - crossfit - 2 sets max rep backsquats at body weight - 123# - 8 reps,8 reps. Work on skin the cats and dead hang pullups - up to 5 chinups! WOD 15-10-5 Thrusters,sdlhp - 10 situps in between each 4:36

7:00 - eggwhite scramble with tuna, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, avacado. Kiwi and blueberries

9:00am - 2 mile run easy, ladder up and down 10min to 8 min and back to 10min pace. 2000 meter row - 8:23 (goal is to beat 8min by end of challenge!) Hydromassager

10:15 - protein shake - blueberries, pineapple, coconut, ginger, nutmeg, flaxseed, water, ice

12:00 - lunch - spinach salad with chicken, carrots, mushrooms, tomato, avacado, peas, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette. 2 clementine cuties

3:30 - apple and almond butter

6:00 - dinner - paleo chili, asparagus, peas

8:30 - protein powder water and blueberries

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 24 - Wednesday

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

7:00am - seared tuna and butternut squash

9:30 - crossfit -side lunges with racked kettlebells, ring rows, handstand pushups - 4 sets 8-10 reps, WOD 500Mrow, 10,9,8....1 box jumps and burpees - 9:15

10:30 tuna app and bite of paleo banana bread

12:15 lunch - 3 mini chicken burgers with orange citris aioli, asparagus, 1/2 banana and blueberries, handful of almonds

3:00 - handful of nuts

5:30 - tuna apps, peas, grapes

8:00 - apple and almond butter

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 23? - Tuesday

5:00am - banana and tbspn sunflower butter

5:30 - Crossfit - 4X10 seated overhead presses (10,12,15,20lbs) and 4X8 staggered deadlifts each leg WOD 10-15-25, 15-20-30, 20-25-35 kte, kbswings, pushups - 1 min rest in between - end with 100 walking lunges.

7:30 - breakfast - eggwhite scramble with chicken, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, avacado. butternut squash

9:00am - run/row w/o - 1 mile warm up @ 6, 4X400 at 6:30 pace 1:30 rest inbetween. Then 4X500m row w/ 2min rest inbetween. Hydro massager

10:30 - orgasm smoothie - yes, you read that right - saw this on the Doctor Tv show on ABC as I was running the treadmill this morning. (click link for the recipe) Basically all ingredients good for whats going on down there! protein powder, blueberries, banana, nutmeg, flaxseed, ginger, ( I added a little coconut milk and ice) - Yum!

12:30 - moroccan chicken salad from CPK (one of my fav's - ive listed the ingredients about 5 times I think!)

5:45pm - dinner - chicken burger on portabella mushroom cap with Orange peel aioli and avacado, carrots, asparagus with citris glaze (recipes for both on recipe page) - burger was really good. ALOT of cooking tonight! Planning on making an ahi tuna app for class tomorrow - hope it turns out.

8:00 apple almond butter and canteloupe

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 22 - Monday

5:15 - bootcamp and 4X400m runs with 1 min rest inbetween

7:00am - protein shake with pumpkin, banana, ground flaxseed, shredded coconut

9:30 - crossfit - work on overhead presses and ring dips and wtd step ups. WOD - Fran - 21-15-9 Thrusters, pullups 45lbs, black band 6:30

11:30 - lunch - turkey breast, butternut squash, 2 clementine oranges - handful of pistacios

3:00 - Pure Organic bar from trader joes - these are prettygood

5:30 - dinner - chicken breast with roasted portabella mushroom and avacado, kale chips, steamed carrots

8:00pm - canteloupe and blueberries

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 21 - Sunday

REST DAY!!!!!!

7:30 - breakfast - protein smoothie with pumpkin, apple, banana, flaxseed, coconut

12:30 - lunch - spinach salad with turkey breast, carrots, tomato, avacado, mushrooms, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette. Canteloupe and blueberries

3:00 - apple and almond butter

6:00 - dinner - chicken breast, butternut squash, brussel sprouts

8:30pm - blueberries and canteloupe

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 20 - Saturday

5:45am - sandwich thins bread with almond butter w/flax and honey

6:30 - 16 mile run in forest park - felt good! Legs a little tired from the workouts this week, but energy level was good. I think the extra carbs helped. Plan on adding grains the night before, breakfast and right after long runs.

9:30am - banana and egg,spinach, and turkey sausage whole wheat wrap

12:15am - turkey breast, carrot sticks, grapes

3:00pm - apple and almond butter (couldnt help myself - bought more at trader joes - im addicted!)

6:00pm - dinner - spinach salad with salmon, walnuts, apples, bacon, balsamic vinaigrette - at Hanleys pub and tap and west county mall - really good! Oops - forgot - had a glass of chardonnay

8:30 paleo banana bread

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 19 - Friday

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

5:15 - bootcamp and hill repeats 400m at6mph,no incline - 400m at 6mph, 5.o incline X6 3miles total

7:15am - breakfast - baked tilapia, brussel sprouts, apple

9:30 - crossfit workout - baseline test as warm up (5 min even) - 500m row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups, 10 pullups. Strength work - OH lunges 4X20 - 43lbs last one. WOD 8 rounds 20sec on:10 sec off - row, push press, lunges, burpees

10:45 - protein powder and pineapple

12:00 - lunch - morrocan chicken salad - CPK (all good stuff - lettuce, beets, dates, butternut squash, avacado, almonds, dried cranberries, chicken, champagne vinaigrette)

3:00pm - pure organic bar from trader joes

6:15 - dinner - 1 cup pasta with shrimp, broccoli, olive oil, lemon juice, toasted walnuts - YUMMM! First pasta i have had on my paleo adventure - an obvious cheat, but I have a long run tomorrow and have not had enough in the tank on my last couple of runs. Will let you know if the carb tweak was a positive or negative tomorrow after my run.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 18 - Thursday

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

5:30am - crossfit w/o - wu - over/unders (did NOT like those!) 3X5 deadlifts(155lbs last one) and 3X12 kb o/h presses. WOD: 5min row(75cal), 4min BJ(75), 3min KB swings 30lbs(60), 2min burpees(20), 1 min pushups(19) - 249 total

7:30 breakfast - chicken eggwhite scramble with tomatoes, red peppers, spinach, avacado, bacon crumbles, mushrooms. side of butternut squash

12:30 - lunch - salad with chicken, spinach, carrots, mushrooms, avacado, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette. 1 slice of paleo banana bread

3:00 - smoothie with vanilla protein powder, banana, kiwi, pineapple, coconut, flaxseed, water

6:15 - dinner - paleo chili (used fresh mango peach salsa from walmart - yum) and brussel sprouts.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 17 - Wednesday

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

5:15am - kickboxing and plankwork

7:15am - breakfast - chicken eggwhite scramble with spinach, mushrooms, red peppers, avacado. Spaghetti Squash (see recipe at side), canteloupe

9:30am - crossfit - 5X8 KB swings (last set 50lbs), 5X3 box jumps(last set tall grey with 35lb plate) WOD - Brandon Says conditioning (wall touches, bear crawls, crab walks, jumping squats, lunges, squat, plank, etc) - good conditioning wod.

10:45 - scoop of protein powder with pineapple chunks and water

12:15pm - lunch - crazy bowls and wraps - high protein bowl with steak and double vegis - jalepeno/cilantro sauce - great paleo fast food option!

3:00pm - 2 handfuls of almond/walnut/cashew/pistacio mix

6:00pm - dinner - salmon with garlic aioli mustard and capers on a bed of spinach, butternut squash, strawberries

8:00pm - apple and almond butter (ok, almond butter is gone now, I am going to try to not buy for awhile - I am getting addicted!) Am I the only one who eats like 7 times a day??

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 16 - Tuesday

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

5:30 - crossfit w/o - skill work (windmills, dumbell deadlifts, ring work) WOD 2burpees and wall touch at the top of each minute, 40 box jumps, 30 pullups, 40 push press, 30 KTE - can't remember time (Dawn says 10:41!) but good workout. FYI - the morning crew rocks!

7:00am - breakfast - eggwhite scramble with chicken, spinach, orange pepper, mushroom, tomato, avacado. Mango slices

8:30 - run w/o - 1 mile wu at 6.0, 20X30sec on, 30 sec off - ladder from 9.5 to 10.0 up and down twice (9.5mphfor 30 sec, 30 sec rest, 9.6 for 30, 9.7, ...10,9.9,9.8,9.7,9.6,9.5,9.6 etc) 1/4 mile walk cool down - 4 miles total then 3 sets of 10 pushups, 20 pike leg ups ab machine, 10 incline situps. Hydromassager for 10 min

9:45am - 1 scoop protein powder with pineapple chunks

12:15 - Lunch - spinach salad with steak, tomato, avacado, orange pepper, mushrooms, red wine/balsamic vinegar/oil dressing. Spaghetti squash with 2Tbs coconut milk, shredded coconut, garam masala.

4:00pm - piece of paleo banana bread and a tangerine

6:00pm - turkey taco meat with portabella mushroom cap, mixed vegis

8:00 - apple and almond butter

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 15 - Monday

Ok, this is a new week and I am ready to refocus after last night's slip. Felt sick all night, I think my body has become used to the healthy food. The wine and chocolate last night threw it for a loop! Knee is a little sore from my fall on saturday, but otherwise feel pretty good and ready for a new week.

7:45am - breakfast - protein shake with banana, pineapple, flaxseed, coconut

11:30am - lunch - filet mignon , butternut squash, asparagus, broccoli and carrots - LOVE good leftovers!

2:00pm - piece of paleo banana bread (didn't turn out too good)

3:30pm - 2 hardboiled egg whites, canteloupe

4:00pm - crossfit workout - half moons, squats, back squats, dead hang shoulder work, planks, wod: 3 burpees at the top of each minute - 30 kbswings, 30 kbsquats, 30kbhpulls - 3:59

5:30pm - dinner - bison burger patty with guacamole and steamed mixed vegis(broccoli, carrots, red peppers, cauliflower)

8:00pm - apple and almond butter

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 14 - Sunday

7:00am - protein shake with banana, flaxseed, sunflower butter, 1/4 cup meusli

8:00am - 8 mile trail run castlewood - course preview for castlewood cup in two weeks. With the fresh snow it was softer running than yesterday. Hills tough, but I felt ok. Not sure how I feel about trail running yet, but it was definitely beautiful and peaceful.

10:00am - breakfast - eggwhite omelet with chicken, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, orange peppers. Mango slices.

1:00pm - lunch - salmon fillet with spinach salad (spinach, mushrooms, red onion, pecans, crumbled bacon, balsamic vinaigrette). small kiwi

3:30 - apple and almond butter

6:00pm - Valentine's day Dinner - Filet mignon (see recipe at side), butternut squash and asparagus. Glass(ok, 2 glasses) red wine 3 chocolate covered strawberries

8:30pm - 3 chocolate chip cookies - ughhhhh I fell off the wagon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 13 - Saturday

6:15am - protein shake with banana, 1 tbspn sunflower butter, 2 tbs ground flaxseed

7:00am - 5.5mile trail run at Castlewood - first trail run experience! Ground was hard and very uneven, crossed a creek, killer inclines and fell at one point - not sure if I like trail running yet, but it definitely was pretty and peaceful. (not sure if the rice last night helped or not, still felt low on the glycogen stores on the hills)

9:00am - breakfast at bread co - egg sandwich without the bread - egg, ham, lettuce, tomato and 3 clementine oranges

12:00pm - lunch - chicken curry (added extra chicken)w/ butternut squash and peas and canteloupe and strawberries

3:15 pm - snack - cherry larabar

5:45pm - dinner - Sugo's in Frontenac - Lemon Sole and tomato squash vegi, mixed greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette

9:15pm - almond butter and apple (starving!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 12 - Friday

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

6:00am - run workout - 1 mile wu @6.0, 1 mile @ 7.0mph, 1mile @ 7.5, 1 @ 8.0, 2X800m @ 8.5, 1 mile @ 6.0 cool down - 6 miles total - 1 min rest in between each mile

7:15am - protein shake w/ vanilla powder, banana, pineapple chunks, water, 2 tbsp ground flaxseed, shredded coconut, ice. This shake rivals a pina colada! Whats everyone's take on ground flaxseed as a source for omega 3's? 2 Tbs has 2400mg omega 3's and mixes great in protein shakes - thoughts?? Love that I am getting some comments, I will respond in my comments section so check back.

8:45am - rotisserie chicken and 1/2cup blueberries - vitamin, fishoil, glucosamine

9:30 - Crossfit - 40 cone touches and 400M row - 4:17, work on behind the head ohpresses, oh squats, skin the cat, WOD: Inside Helen: 3 rds 20 wall touches, 21 kb swings (35#), 12 pullups - 9:56

11:00 - post workout snack - blueberries and walnuts

12:30 - Lunch - Sloppy joes on portabella mushroom cap, mixed vegis, clementine orange

5:45pm - dinner - coconut curry chicken with butternut squash and peas - added 1/2 cup brown rice to prepare for long run tomorrow (Yikes!) Feel bad eating rice, but I need to see if it helps energy level on longer runs. Will let you know tomorrow!

7:30pm - canteloupe and blueberries

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 11 - Thursday

Wow, Day 11! Just got back from a kickass crossfit workout and feeling like I am starting to make some baby steps. Skillwork days are good for me - I have soooo many things I need to work on! Glad to hear you like the sloppy joe recipe Melissa, I am going to take a pic today. I am noshing on leftover sloppy joes right now mixed with some mushy spaghetti squash.

5:00am - 1/2 banana and hardboiled eggwhite

5:30am - crossfit w/o - skill work - kipping pullups, handstand pushups, rope climb, ring dips, pistol squats. WOD Filthy 50 - 50 cal row, 50 barbell(45#)lunges, 50 pushups(knees), 50 wall balls, 50 pushups, 50 barbell lunges, 50 cal row - 21:10.

7:00am - breakfast - sloppy joes and spaghetti squash

skipping run workout today (yes, brandon - need to listen to my body) off to work.

12:00pm - morrocan chicken salad at CPK (chicken, lettuce, beets, butternut squash, dried cranberries, almonds, avacados, champagne vinagrette - YUMMMM)

4:00 - Larabar

6:00 - Dinner - Coconut chicken curry (busy day today, just browned cubed chicken in skillet with olive oil spray and put in crockpot with 1 can lite coconut milk, 1 jar trader joes curry simmer sauce, cubed butternut squash and frozen peas - very easy)

8:45pm - bowl of spaghetti squash

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 10- Wednesday

5:00am - banana and tsp sunflower seed butter

5:30am - teach bootcamp step with 8lb wts, 4X400 hill intervals on treadmill - 2 miles total

7:00am - protein shake with choc protein, water, strawberries

8:00am - salmon and kale (used a great marinade for the salmon that I got at Walmart - Annies Naturals Baja Lime Marinade. Ingredient list not too scary and added a GREAT flavor. Used it last night on my turkey breast cutlets too.)

9:30 - Crossfit - 5X3 deadlifts - end @ 153lbs. alt w/ 5 sets of 15 wall balls. WOD 4 rounds 10 wall touches 15 kb swings, 25 situps

11:00am - clementine orange

12:00 - lunch - steak and steamed vegis (high protein bowl at Crazy Bowls and Wraps) w/ jalepeno cilantro sauce

3:00pm - larabar

6:00pm - dinner - sloppy joes on roasted portabella mushroom, side salad w/ romaine, cabbage, spinach, carrots, avacados, pecans, strawberries. (See recipe for sloppy joes - really good on the mushroom cap)

8:00pm - apple & 1tbsp sunflower butter

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 9 - Tuesday

5:00am- banana and sunflower butter

5:30 Crossfit workout - 5X3 push jerk 78lbs - alt with kb windmills. WOD 21-15-9 kb swings, box jumps, pullups (black band) - 6:53. 5 minutes working on double unders - got to one every five jumps.

6:45am - clementine orange

8:00am - breakfast - eggwhite omelet with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, topped with avacado and bacon crumbles. Roasted butternut squash

9:45am - run w/o - 1 mile wu @ 10min, 6X800m @3:28, 15 KTE in between each run interval. 4 miles total. 10 minutes on the hydromassager. 6th interval hard!

11:30 - Larabar - ingredients - cashews and dates (was actually pretty tasty - cashew cookie flavor)

12:30pm - lunch- spinach salad with rotisserie chicken, carrots, tomato, avacado, pecans, herb vinaigrette

3:30 - apple and sunflower seed butter

6:15pm - dinner - turkey breast, mixed vegis, butternut squash

8:30 - blueberries and 1/2 a banana & 5 pecans

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 8 - Monday

5:00am - Pre workout - banana & almond butter

5:15am - teach class and 15 minute easy spin

7:30am - Breakfast - lean hamburger patty with guacamole, broccoli salad with broccoli, carrots, raisins, cabbage,

9:30am - Crossfit - 5X5X3 backsquats 5reps, 30 sec rest with bar on shoulders then 3 more X5, last wt 118lbs - work in kipping pullups and 1/2moons. WOD 5 rounds cone run, 10 kb swings (35#), 5 burpees, 5 pullups 3/4 band, 5 box jumps - rest for time it took to do round times: 1:24,1:18,1:15,1:14,1:13. More energy in workout then I thought I would have - dragging all weekend long.

10:50am -Post w/o snack - protein scoop blended withn pineapple chunks and water (1/2 before workout and 1/2 after)

12:00 - lunch - spinach salad w/ carrots, mushrooms, avacado, cabbage, asparagus and crab cakes with garlic mustard aioli

3:30pm - snack - apple and almond butter

5:30 - glass of red wine

7:30 - salmon and wilted spinach salad

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 7 - Sunday

7:00am - banana and almond butter

7:30 - Golds gym - work on pushups, pullups, and double unders. 10 minutes on hydromassager (tired today, not much energy - legs still dead)

9:00am - breakfast - protein shake with pumpkin and an apple, turkey breast

12:15pm - lunch - salad with rotisserie chicken, spinach, asparagus, tomato, avacado, carrots, pecans - asian vinagrette , 1 clementine orange

4:30pm - 2 crab cakes - melissa's recipe - YUMMMM! I served with trader joe's garlic mustard aioli - it was awesome! carrots and red peppers with guacamole

7:30pm - lean ground beef burger on roasted portabella mushroom cap with guac on top and butternut squash fries - again melissa I think? Even better than sweet potato fries. I seasoned with garam masala and they were perfect. Great superbowl eating and all paleo. Getting used to carrying my water bottle around all day and just refilling - going on 3 weeks now without diet coke - longest run ever.

For the most part this was a good week. I am enjoying all the cooking and the great variety of good quality foods. Energy level was not good for the weekend run but other than that have felt ok for weekday workouts. Hand calluses really hurting today - my hands are definitely becoming more caveman like:) If anyone is reading this I would love to hear about everyone else's first week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 6 - Saturday

7:30am - breakfast - 2 hardboiled egg whites, tbspn almond butter, banana

9:00am - 15K frostbite series run(9.3 miles) - SUCKED! time was 1:19(8:28 pace). Legs were dead after 2 miles. Started off too fast and had no feul in the tank. sports beans were too little too late - need to eat more carbs the night before a race - will try adding sweet potatoes or brown rice next time the night before and maybe oatmeal for breakfast.

10:30 - protein powder and pineapple chunks blended

12:15 - Lunch - turkey breast, brussel sprouts and broccoli, and 1/2 sweet potato with garam masala (great spice - good with curries, squashes, carrots, vegis with coconut milk)

3:00pm - banana and almond butter

6:15pm - bison burger patty with mushrooms and steamed carrots and broccoli

8-11 - Trivia night - fruit tray and pistachio nuts

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5: - Friday

5:00am - banana

6:45am - egg white scramble with turkey, asparagus, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, avacado and 2 clementine cuties , vitamin, glucosamine, fish oil

9:30 - crossfit W/O - 3X5, 3X3 push presses - ending wt 73# -work in o/h squats with body bar.
WOD - Chico 21-15-9 box jumps, kb swings (35#), pullups(3/4in band) 7:18

11:00 - post workout snack - protein shake(BSN lean dessert protein - does include whey, soy, and aspartame- sorry!)with pineapple, mango, & water

12:30pm - lunch - salad with chicken, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, carrots, pecans, tomato, avacado, vinegar and oil and a kiwi. 2nd fish oil capsule of the day

3:30pm - kale chips blueberries and macadamia nuts

6:30pm - dinner - trout and steamed mixed vegis(elephant bar - very good and all paleo!)

8:30 - apple and almond butter

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday - Day 4:

5:00am - preworkout meal - hardboiled egg and banana

5:30 - crossfit workout - 4X5 1 3/4 back squats end wt 93lbs, handstand skills
wod: partner 2000m row and 100 15lb o/h lunges (complete as a pair w/ tammy)

7:00 - breakfast - turkey breast and harvest medley vegis (sweet potatoes, butternut squash, turnips) in coconut milk. Fish Oil, mulitvitamin, glucosamine tabs

8:45 - Run W/O: 1 mile wu @ 10min then 40sec on:20 sec off X 7 - start at 6:40 end at 5:52min mile pace - cd 1200m at 10min pace. 3 miles total
then - 3 rounds of 10 pullups, 10 pushups, 10 lat pulldowns, 20 incline situps
Hydromassager 10 minutes

10:00am - postworkout snack - shake with 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 a mango, pineapple chunks, water & ice.

12:30pm - lunch - salmon with garlic basil mayo (see "More Recipes" tab at top), greens and almond salad (brussel sprouts, broccoli, sliced almonds), strawberries

3:30pm snack - apple and almond butter

6:00pm - dinner - paleo turkey chili and broccoli salad(see recipe - with broccoli, carrots, red onions, raisins, bacon, sliced almonds, mayo and vinegar)

8:30pm - snack - blueberries and walnuts

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


5:00am - almond butter and banana

5:15am - teach step class and run workout: 400m wup, 400mX4 at 7 incline 6.0mph pace, 2 min rest in between. 400 m walk cool down

6:45am - 1 scoop protein powder and pineapple chunks blended

7:45am - Breakfast - chicken cabbage salad (1 shredded chicken breast 1 1/2 cups cabbage slaw mix, 2 tbspn mayo, handful raisins and sliced almonds, juice of an orange) water, glucosomine tablet and multivitamin

9:30am - Crossfit w/o - 2X5, 2X4, 2X3 front squats ending with 103lbs alt with kipping pullups and 20 half moons. Wod: 4 rounds of 20 wall touches, 10 push press (53#), 15 box jumps(tan box+25lb plate) time - 13:22 Tough Workout!

11:00am - post workout snack - handful of blueberries and walnuts

12:15pm - Lunch - portabella turkey sandwich w/ spinach, avacado, tomato, orange pepper, tj mustard & strawberries

4:00pm - Snack - harvest medley of cubed butternut squash, sweet potato, turnip - boiled in coconut milk sprinkled with pecan pieces. Very tasty!

6:30 - dinner - spinach and cabbage salad w/bacon crumbles, pecans, and walnut oil and vinegar dressing, paleo turkey chili

8:30pm - snack - apple and almond butter with flaxseeds

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5:10am Pre-workout: banana and 1 tbspn almond butter

5:30-6:30am Crossfit W/O: 2x8, 2x6, 2x4 Overhead Presses - end wt 53lbs alternate with wtd lunges 40lbs
WOD - 5x20 sec on, 10 sec off - row, bike, squat, situps, pushups, pullups

6:45am Breakfast: Protein Shake - 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 3tbspns pumpkin, water,
pineapple chunks, ice

8:30am Run W/O: 1mile warm up at 6(10 min pace), 8X400 @ 9(6:40 min) with 2 min recovery, 1 mile cool down at 6 - 4 miles total

10 minutes on the Hydro massager at the gym - HEAVEN!

9:45 Post workout meal: turkey breast, 1/2 sweet potato

12:30 Lunch - lettuce side salad with oil and vinegar, grilled chicken breast, lemon juice and LOTS of garlic, broccoli

3:00 Snack - walnuts and blueberries

5:30pm Dinner - Chicken breast, green beans, huge amounts of spaghetti squash, 1 deviled egg (made 4 eggs for family - 1tbspn real mayo & 1tbspn trader joes aioli garlic mustard & paprika)

8:30pm apple and almond butter

Notes: Had plenty of energy today. Too much garlic for lunch - yukkkk. Body fat testing at crossfit was enlightening. Need to pump some iron!

Question for coach - Dan suggested adding vitamin E , C fish oil, and hard boiled egg for evening - do you mean pill supplements for the vitamins or food sources??

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1 of Paleo Food Challenge:

6:00 am. W/O: 1 mile run@ 6.0mph, 400M @ 8.0-8.5, 400M @ 6.o - 3 miles total

Breakfast: Spaghetti squash with ground turkey and pasta sauce
banana with 1 tbspn almond butter

9:30 am W/O: Crossfit 2x5, 2x4, 2x3, 2x3 deadlifts - end @ 135lbs
wod - 5x 20 sec on, 10 sec off row, box jumps, squats, kb swings, jj, sdlhp

Post workout: 1 scoop protein powder and pineapple pureed

Lunch: Portabella cap - roasted with sliced turkey, spinach, tomato, avacado, trader joe's aioli garlic mustard sauce , 2 clementine oranges

Snack: Kale chips, blueberries, walnuts

Dinner: Chicken breast (cooked in orangejuice/ olive oil marinade), steamed green beans, baked sweet potato

snack: squash

NOTES: felt pretty good today - getting a cold