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Friday, February 11, 2011

Paleo Pizza

I have been sitting here feeling guilty because I have not posted in a couple of days. My eggplant chicken and spaghetti squash with meatsauce have been holding me over the last couple of days so my cooking has consisted of reheating. Luckily Matt sent me a link to Paleo Pizza which he has tried and says turned out good. So - here is the link to the recipe on the crossfit genius website - PALEO PIZZA .
FYI, there is a little controversy on several of the paleo recipes that stray away from caveman like simplicity, attempting to recreate the processed modern dishes that have been the root of our declining healthy diet. Many of my recipes contain ingredients that should be considered "occasional" foods, and not mainstays of the daily paleo diet. These include almond flour, dates, fruits, sweeteners, etc. I personally need occasional treats like paleo brownies, paleo pizza, bacon-wrapped sweet potato fries to keep me on track with a paleo lifestyle. But because the treats are posted frequently don't mistake the importance of getting the majority of your nutrition from lean high quality protein sources, vegetables, and good fats.
I am off on a trip this weekend, but will be posting back next Tuesday with hopefully some good meat and vegi type dishes. PLEASE send me any good recipes you have!

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