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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For some of you that are wrapping up Whole 30 you are probably wondering where do you go from here?  Hopefully this has been a great experience and you have gotten rid of a lot of poor food habits as well as picked up many new good ones.  The Whole 30 website has some great advice on their wrap up page as well as in the "It Starts With Food" book about how to reintroduce foods to your diet gradually so you can figure out what foods are making you feel cruddy and which ones are can be put back on the table so to speak in moderation without too much distress.  In looking through their website I stumbled upon the forum topic of  the Worth it and Not Worth it List.  Brian just finished his Whole 30 journey and sent me a wrap up summary that he said I could share.  Take some time and write up your own summary and send it to me!
**Brian is restesting soon and I will make sure to post his weight, inches, and performance stats.

Brian's Wrap Up

Worth It:
Ice Cream
Vanilla Lattes (but only from Kaldis)
Ghirardelli carmel squares (only candy worth it)
Apple or Blueberry Pie

Not Worth It:

White Potatoes
Café Mochas
Vending machine Items
Hamburger buns
Soda (regular and diet)
Any pie that’s not apple or blueberry

And for the Good, the Bad, and the Amazing:

Don’t ever really feel bloated.
Don’t feel guilty about having seconds or thirds of broccoli soup.
Snacking tendencies have dropped off to only what I bring to work.
I know how to cook turnips successfully.
Kombucha is a reasonable drink alternative.

Sex with your pants on credo is stupid.
Found out TJs discontinued my favorite Pico de Gallo.  So much for “fast quacamole”!
Meat is expensive.

Watching people freak out about a bowl of peas as if it’s a bowl of macaroni and cheese.
Discovering the Local Harvest store.
Catching grief from my “larger” co-workers about what I eat.
Didn’t cheat ONCE!

Recipe thoughts:

Favorite Recipes
Seafood Chowder
Sweet Potato/Turnip Casserole
Salsa Italiano
Smoky Bacon Chili
Butternut Squash Soup

Least Favorite Recipes
Parsnip Fries – never turn our right
Egg Casserole – sorry Steph, your only miss J

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