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Monday, April 23, 2012

What can I drink on Whole 30???  If you are missing your soda, coffee, with cream, and tea with sweetener, here are some Whole 30 approved drinks:

1. WATER - yes, this should be what you drink the majority of the time.  Carry a bottle with you everywhere and keep iced and filled.
2.  Coffee and Tea - perfectly ok as long as you dont add cream, milk, sugar, or artificial sweetener.  Try coconut milk (whole fat from can) if you need to cut the coffee.
3. Coconut water - filled with electrolytes and perfectly ok as long as you dont get a brand that has added sweeteners.
4. Kombucha - This is a fermented tea and is also allowable.  For all the details on its health benefits and origin go to whatiskombucha.com

Hope this helps!!

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