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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 17-23rd

Life has gotten too busy to log my food daily, but I am going to try to track my workouts. Food has been pretty good, have added cheese back into my salads for some flavor, and will have a sandwich once or twice a week. I am not staying strict paleo anymore, but am trying to eat as close as I can and still enjoy food and keep some moderation in my life.

crossfit just about every day this week - pretty heavy on lunges and situps this week, my legs are definitely feeling it.

Tuesday, May 18th - bike ride from CFVP up marshall into kirkwood - about 12 miles, wanted to get a hill in and accomplished that.

Friday, May 21st - 8 34 second hill repeats at the middle school. Working on midfoot strike - hill work a great way to accomplish that - hard for your heel to strike going up hill. Bought some lightweight shoes at lunch today at ghisallo.

Saturday, May 22nd - Met up with Todd's training group at kehrs mill and clayton to bike the hills of wildwood. Stayed with the group for part of the way, but just dont have my legs yet and bob, bao, and david and I cut out at Hardt and headed back getting 30 miles in. Good challenging ride for me. Need to pick up the biking training to 2 times a week.

Sunday, May 23rd - Headed to Fenton Park to test out a 5k route. Looking for possible options for the 5K running challenge we are looking to run this summer at the gym. Wore my new shoes and clocked the 5K under 24 minutes. Really trying to keep my form up and think about my positioning with each step. Will take a while for this to feel comfortable, but felt like I was getting in a groove. Definitely harder on the calves and hamstrings, my legs will need to adjust.

Plan for next week:Crossfit monday, tues, wed, thurs. Swim Mon and wed, Bike tues and thurs, run wed and fri. Off to state for Jamie this weekend and rest on saturday. Maybe katy trail bike ride with family on sunday and UCity 10k run on Monday.

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