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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17th

Just got back from the crossfit endurance cert in chicago last night and pumped about working on my running technique. They gave us a six week program of drills and skills to help us work on technique and phase us into a CFE way of training - less miles, more intensity. Bummed that I found out we are hosting this cert next month, but Melissa H and I had a good time and soaked in good knowledge. Im really interested to see if anyone else wants to jump on board with me and work on running this summer.

5:00am - sunflower butter on half of a sandwich thin round

5:15 bootcamp

7:30 - turkey, cabbage, carrots, egg, walnuts, apple, 2Tbs mayo, apple cider vinegar - all mixed up

8:30 - running drills barefoot - need to get some minimalist running shoes - innov-8, nike free, or vibrim 5 - going to shop this afternoon. Found out I am a big time heel striker - lots of bad impact jarring up my body with every step!

12:30 - salad with chicken, cranberries, goat cheese, pine nuts at deweys

4:00 - crossfit w/o - ohead squats (45lbs) and bent over rows (25# dumbells) WOD - 123..8 dumbell thrusters (2 15#'s) 5 pullups, 10 kte, 20 lunges

5:30 - beef curry with spinach and butternut squash

8:00 - apple and sunflower butter

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