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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday, June 9th

I believe I left off yesterday afternoon on our way to a movie. Saw Date Night - pretty funny, and totally unbelievable. We headed to Atlantic to shop the beach shops and everyone managed to find something but me. Might have to go back and get the cute sundress, but really - where will I ever wear it! Dinner was rotisserie chicken and vegis and a large glass of wine - watching the ocean with a glass of wine and my hubby - not too shabby.

Wednesday morning - off to crossfit on the bike for my new daily routine. Today was front squats 5X5 - max 95lbs. Worked on deeper squats - something I am not good at. WOD was 15 min amrap of 10 one handed russian kbswings, 50 meter farmers walk with bell in same hand, 10 swings other hand and walk back other hand. completed 7.1 - and yes florida is still stinking hot!! Headed back home but took my time and rode around the streets of downtown delray to scope out the dinner options for tonight. Leftover chicken salad for breakfast, pooltime, salmon, capers, tomato, cream cheese begal thin for lunch, and apple for a snack. Long afternoon walk on the beach and way too much sun today. Played cards in the pool with the girls and Sheila - we have waterproof plastic playing cards - how cool is that:) I think we are opting for pizza tonight, not sure if I will be good with a salad or splurge on pizza -

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