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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sorry guys, its been a crazy weekend at the Teague house and I haven't had much time to get recipes up.  I am back however and have a TON of great recipes to share.  Thanks to all of you who have embraced cooking and experimenting the Whole 30 way I have some great recommendations.  I am also hoping to get some of the recipes from our Whole 30 Challenge Dinner last Friday night at Local Harvest.  What a great turnout!! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, I love hearing everyone's stories, sounds like you all are over the hump and settling in to a nice food routine.  Ok - here it goes, this first one came in from Julie Johnson and has already been tested and given two thumbs up by Brian.

Smoky Bacon Chili


Next up, a couple of good ones from Randall. 


1. Before you ever put the rub on, make sure this fits in the slow cooker. I have my second one cooking right now, and both had to be trimmed to fit in there. It doesn't have to have much space to move around, just so you can get the whole thing in and the lid on.

2. One of the more important things involves the fat. When you purchase a pork but, one side will be the fat side. This will have a thick, approx 1/2 inch layer of fat on it. Its important to cook the pork with this fat on. However, you'll want to trim it back almost until its off, like a flap. When putting on the rub, pull back the layer of fat, put in your rub, and then close it. Cook the pork but with the FAT SIDE UP. Once its finished you would be able to remove this with a quick swipe of the knife and throw it away. I've made a short video of this to help explain.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri1QEdvqF4s  (let me know if this doesn't work)

3. The sauce thickens up quite a bit after a day or so in the fridge, but initially will be very runny which is fine. I found the recipe made enough sauce for several batches of the pork so I didn't make any sauce the 2nd time around. 


A few changes we made here in a note from my wife:

"My twists: I forgot green onion so I used dried chives. I also used homemade Paleo-specific mayo that Randall made earlier this week instead of store mayo. Used half of a large sweet potato in place of white potato (and mashed up the rest for a small side). I also cut back on the coconut oil for frying because I don't like a ton of oil. Warning: I used two spatulas to turn them as they are quite delicate until the egg cooks through after flipping.

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