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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sorry, skipped a day or two - it is the weekend - yeah!

7:30 - slept in - it was WONDERFUL. banana and sunflower butter and then off to the track for an old school Yasso 800 workout. The theory behind this workout is that if you can do 10 800m repeats at your projected marathon finish time then you should be ready to complete the marathon in that time. So.. if I am hoping to get a 3hour and 30 minute marathon I needed to run 10 800m repeats at a 3min 30sec pace. - Mission accomplished - ranged from 3:15 to 3:26 on all repeats. Hope this is a good sign for next weekend.

9:30 - larabar

12:00 - spinach salad with pork, vegis, balsamic vinaigrette

5:00 - 20 teenagers stuffed into my house for prom pics - they all looked gorgeous! Will post a pic of the gang. Followed them down to union station to take more pictures then met my mom and dad for dinner at Mojo's on South Grand. Fantastic tapas spot that just opened up - I highly recommend it. Strayed wildly from Paleo, but if your going to stray this is the way to do it. We tried the lamb sliders, salmon in Phyllo, jerk chicken, crab empanadas, and bread pudding for dessert. - A pleasant food coma.

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