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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 30 - Tuesday

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

5:30 - crossfit - 5X5 backsquats and ring dips 135lbs max - went down for last set to work on form. WOD 21-15-9 thrusters and sdlhp 53lbs 10 box jumps in between each set (6:03)

7:30 - leftover spicy lemon pork (even better cold!) Banana Blueberry Compote (see recipe at side). Feeling very deprived this morning as I am making chocolate chip pancakes for my girls(ok, I licked the bowl a little - that doesnt count, right?). So I made a breakfast treat for myself. bananas, walnuts, coconut, blueberries -it was delish!!

8:00am - run w/o - 1 mile wu@6.0, 10 1 minute hill repeats 10 incline 6.0 speed, rest 1 min in between, 1 mile cool down @ 6.0mph. Stretch and hydromassager

9:15 - 1 scoop protein powder in water

12:15 - lunch - crabcake on portabella cap with wasabi aioli mustard, brussel sprouts, 2 clementine cuties

3:15 - Larabar

6:15 - Dinner - london broil (marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, orange juice, ginger, dry mustard, cayenne pepper, garlic, 1 tsp honey) broccoli, spaghetti squash

8:00pm - canteloupe


  1. Steph, is the butternut squash at Dierbergs cut into pieces like at TJ's? Thanks. Melissa K.

  2. Yup! I go to the Dierbergs in Fenton, but they probably all carry it.

  3. Thanks! Melissa K.