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Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 33 - Friday

5:00am - banana & sunflower butter

7:30 - chicken and vegi scramble - loaded with vegis. Canteloupe

9:30 - Crossfit w/o - Went into todays workout thinking I would take it easy today - can you ever take it easy in a crossfit workout?? Deadlifts and ring work. WOD - 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts(93#) 10 pushups 20 wtd lunges (2 15# dumbells) 400 meter run. 14:03.

11:00 - Larabar - cherry pie flavor is my favorite!

12:30 lunch - citrus coleslaw and salmon and roasted cauliflower with curry sauce - recipes on the recipe page - linked by the very appropriate sign at the Valley Park Deli that I snapped a picture of today!

3:30 - piece of beef jerky and strawberries


  1. The sign is so funny. You should stop to show them how to really cook! Melissa K.

  2. Is that perfect or what! I have a feeling they are not following a paleo plan inside the deli.