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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 49 - Sunday

Crossfit competition today was AWESOME! Went into it this morning frustrated with my progress and down about my back and sick stomach. Came out totally pumped and excited about this new exercise community that I have stumbled on. Seeing all of the incredible athletes is so motivating. The progress that all of the valley park crossfitters has made over the last couple of months is so much more than I have ever seen with any of the other exercise program I have been involved in in the past. So props to Dan, Brandon, and Herb for bringing out the inner athlete in all of us. Ok, back to my paleo journey and hopefully back on track for the remainder of the next level challenge.

7:00am - Breakfast - oatmeal with 1/2 banana and tsp of sunflower butter

10:00 - WOD #1 - 109 clean and jerks with Christy @ 55lbs. - Didn't get our time, but Christy kicked butt and we got through it.

protein powder and pineapple

WOD #2 - Chipper workout - 20 thrusters, ring rows, row, kb swings, burpees, box jumps - Great job team Eat my chalk - again, no clue on our time.

2 meatballs

WOD #3 - 2 400m runs, KB sprawl pyramid with Christy - Jeff and Trey did 4-400m rows and pyramid clapping pushups - what studs! Eat My Chalk was a great team - next year - prescribed!

banana and lara bar

6:00pm - Dinner - hamburger on portabella cap with guacamole and parsnip fries. Thanks for the recipe, I will play around with the spices, but liked these alot. Oh, some strawberries too.


  1. Steph, great to have you back from vacation! You and your team were awesome yesterday! I love the CPK Moroccan salad, so I'm going to make it at home. I'm a huge fan of the Crock Pot and look forward to exchanging some recipes.

  2. Cool, looking for some new ideas! Great job yesterday, I love our crossfit family!

  3. Awesome post and love the new pics. CrossFit Cancun!!! I'm there. Herb and Brandon won't miss me too much!! Congrats on a great day Steph. You rock!