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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 51 - Tuesday

5:00am - 1/2 banana and tsp sunflower butter

5:30 - crossfit w/o - Windmills, 1 legged squats, superman WOD: Brian - 100 squats, 75 jumping pullups, 50 push press @33# - 3 burpees at the top of each minute - 6:39

7:00am - protein shake with apple, pecans, flaxseed

8:30am - run w/o - 2 mile tempo run to "52 second hell hill". 5 hill repeats then 1 1/2 mile run home.

10:00 - Chip fiesta! Did some experimenting with chips this morning. Put the apple chips in the oven before my run and took them out when I got back. REALLY good. Then I decided to try a parsnip with the microwave method I found on allrecipes.com. Worked great. Used sea salt and carribean jerk seasoning and they were awesome. Put the recipes on a new tab - "Two Ingredient Treats".

1:00pm - chicken curry with butternut squash and peas

3:30pm - clementine orange and macadamia nuts

7:00pm - mango chicken slaw salad - YUMMM

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