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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 59 - Wednesday

SOOOOO ready for this awesome weather!

5:00am - banana and sunflower butter

5:15 - bootcamp - kb and jump rope workout - run 3 miles

7:30 - pork mango slaw with carrots, avacado, pecans, mayo, apple cider vinegar

9:30 - crossfit w/o - 4X10 - ring rows, ring dips, windmills. Then went out front and pushed the prowler - uggghh! Good workout Brandon! Went straight to the hardware store to get supplies for the pullup bar I am putting in my garage this afternoon - wish me luck!

12:00 - pumpkin turkey chili on portabella mushroom and deviled guac egg with caribbean jerk seasoning (followed the recipe on my recipe link but added caribbean jerk spice and a wedge of bacon on top. Yummm)

3:00 - apple slices and cashews

6:30 - orange pork stir fry with pork, mushrooms, orange and yellow peppers, yellow quash and zucchini squash, onion, water chestnuts

8:30 - 2 hardboiled egg whites

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