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Monday, January 3, 2011

Easy Egg and Vegetable Bake

two recipes in one day, almost forgot about the great breakfast I had this morning. This is not a new one for me, but super easy and a great way to get your vegis in in the a.m. Again, I cheated and topped with a little greek plain yogurt - dairy = non paleo:( , but as I said before, this is a personal cheat I am adding back in, because it is no fat and mega protein.

Easy Egg and Vegetable Bake

1/2 cup egg whites
meat (ham, turkey, chicken, steak, whatever is leftover)
handful cherry tomatoes, cut in half
handful of mushrooms
anything else you have - be creative! (onion, red pepper, broccoli, etc)

Spray a round small casserole dish with Pam olive oil spray
Add egg whites and any vegis you have in the fridge. Salt and Pepper if you like and microwave for 4min 30 sec. Turn over onto plate, top with sliced avacado and a dollop of yogurt if you want.

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