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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


5:00am - almond butter and banana

5:15am - teach step class and run workout: 400m wup, 400mX4 at 7 incline 6.0mph pace, 2 min rest in between. 400 m walk cool down

6:45am - 1 scoop protein powder and pineapple chunks blended

7:45am - Breakfast - chicken cabbage salad (1 shredded chicken breast 1 1/2 cups cabbage slaw mix, 2 tbspn mayo, handful raisins and sliced almonds, juice of an orange) water, glucosomine tablet and multivitamin

9:30am - Crossfit w/o - 2X5, 2X4, 2X3 front squats ending with 103lbs alt with kipping pullups and 20 half moons. Wod: 4 rounds of 20 wall touches, 10 push press (53#), 15 box jumps(tan box+25lb plate) time - 13:22 Tough Workout!

11:00am - post workout snack - handful of blueberries and walnuts

12:15pm - Lunch - portabella turkey sandwich w/ spinach, avacado, tomato, orange pepper, tj mustard & strawberries

4:00pm - Snack - harvest medley of cubed butternut squash, sweet potato, turnip - boiled in coconut milk sprinkled with pecan pieces. Very tasty!

6:30 - dinner - spinach and cabbage salad w/bacon crumbles, pecans, and walnut oil and vinegar dressing, paleo turkey chili

8:30pm - snack - apple and almond butter with flaxseeds

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  1. I see you tried my salad! One thing you can do. Play around with different vinegars. This can make or break it. That harvest medley with coconut milk and pecans sounds heavenly! Like a dessert!