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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 25 - Thursday

5:00am - banana and 1 tsp sunflower butter

5:30 - crossfit - 2 sets max rep backsquats at body weight - 123# - 8 reps,8 reps. Work on skin the cats and dead hang pullups - up to 5 chinups! WOD 15-10-5 Thrusters,sdlhp - 10 situps in between each 4:36

7:00 - eggwhite scramble with tuna, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, avacado. Kiwi and blueberries

9:00am - 2 mile run easy, ladder up and down 10min to 8 min and back to 10min pace. 2000 meter row - 8:23 (goal is to beat 8min by end of challenge!) Hydromassager

10:15 - protein shake - blueberries, pineapple, coconut, ginger, nutmeg, flaxseed, water, ice

12:00 - lunch - spinach salad with chicken, carrots, mushrooms, tomato, avacado, peas, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette. 2 clementine cuties

3:30 - apple and almond butter

6:00 - dinner - paleo chili, asparagus, peas

8:30 - protein powder water and blueberries

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